The Book of Changing Years

San Francisco 1906 / The Book of Changing Years

San Francisco 1906 / The Book of Changing Years

Pelgrane Press is publishing The Book of Changing Years as a companion to TimeWatch RPG. It’s a collection of time travelling tales, where TimeWatch agents wrestle with mysteries trying to maintain and protect their timeline from various hazards and outside tampering. I did a few full-page pen-and-ink illustrations set in future Paris, 1906 San Francisco, early Roman battle field and Cretaceous period Earth.

Praedor: Salaisuuksien kirja

Demon / Praedor: Salaisuuksien kirjaBurger Games publishes a new and long awaited module Salaisuuksien kirja (The Book of Secrets) for Praedor, the undeniable flagship in the fleet of Finnish role-playing games.

For me, Salaisuuksien kirja was an exploration into new kind of inking style. Using parallel lines of varying width instead of cross-hatching even in the darker areas was, of course, inspired by Franklin Booth. Most of art I did for the project pre-dates that of The Eye of the Stone Thief (2015) and Dracula Unredacted (2015) where I used the same style.

I’ve added some new illustrations in the black-and-white gallery.