Klaus Lousebeard

I’ve heard a man in crisis
Falls back on what he knows best,
A murderer to murder
A thief to theft

(Michael Timmins/Cowboy Junkies)

I painted another gritty character portrait. After 30+ WFRP 2e sessions, we’re embarking on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e test drive this week. As a result of the various random tables my character Klaus turned out a penniless thief.

A portrait of Klaus the thief.
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Lothar the Coachman

I’m playing a coachman in the Enemy Within campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2. edition). Lothar has the usual coachman’s trappings, except for blunderbuss which has been replaced by a crossbow. It has proved a reliable weapon. Then again, black powder has been a great help when available in large quantities.

A moment of reflection on the way back to Bögenhafen after Death on the Reik. The events have been disturbing, to say the least.

Lothar the Coachman
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Segedoo Bendix

Segedoo Bendix is an engineer with a physique of young Woody Allen. In a tight spot, he will be stressed out before the advantage of having four (or maybe six) hands pays off.

The Xexto figure probably has more human-like proportions than the canon would suggest. The sketch was drawn during the gaming session between taking notes and sipping tea.