Orlanthi scholar

Despite the silence, there has been a steady progress in several illustration projects (still unpublished).

There’s also been regular gaming. Inspired by the new colorful Runequest, I sketched my character for the new Glorantha campaign starting today.

A portrait of young Orlanthi Warrior
Korlmar the Red (Affinity Photo)

Switching over to MacOS Catalina a while back meant giving up Adobe Creative Suite 5 that had served me for years. I even tried to run the old 32-bit Photoshop in virtual MacOS High Sierra inside Parallels Desktop. Eventually, I abandoned Adobe and replaced Photoshop with Affinity Photo. The transition has been effortless and I have been quite happy with the software so far.

Korlmar the Red sketched in (non-photo blue and H2) pencil

The original sketch was made with pencils in my tattered sketchbook. The inking was done in Clip Studio Paint.

A portrait of young Orlanthi Warrior
An inked sketch of young Orlanthi Warrior (Clip Studio Paint)

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